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Welcome To Hair Colour Services, Mobile Hairdresser Sydney, Available 7 Days A Week.

Firstly, a bit about Hair Colouring

It seems that the hair colour companies with very deep pockets have done such a great job of promoting hair colour through the media that most seem to think it is so easy to walk into a supermarket, buy a hair colour from $9.95 to $15.95 go home and apply it and wow... your hair is coloured.

Which is great, if it was that easy and worked like that for all?

Although several times a week I receive calls from women in tears with disasters, hair has turned slightly reddish, pinkish, blueish, yellowish or greenish.

Colouring your own hair has and does work for a lot of women and men, but when it doesn’t the fix can be an expensive process.

Let’s say you have natural virgin light brown hair and you have 40% to 60% grey hair, putting supermarket colour through you hair the wrong way or the wrong colour can turn your grey hairs reddish, blueish, yellowish or greenish.

Applying hair colour for the very first time needs to be applied on certain parts of your hair for a certain amount of time, then to other parts of your hair otherwise you may have major problems with coverage, tones and final colour.

Mobile Hairdresser Sydney Hair Deals The difference between supermarket and professional hair colour is that hairdressers work with natural pigment colours and fashion hair colours.

So when you have a high level of grey hair one must mix a certain amount of natural hair colour with a fashion colour so you will get an even colour, the grey hair will not be translucent or go reddish, blueish, yellowish or greenish.

Hair colouring is a luxury service which can and may be expensive for a lot of women and men especially that it may require a regular 4 to 8 week re do depend on your hair.

Good colour knowledge comes after years of training and experience that professional hairdresser may decide to go through.

Hair Colour Services

Hair Colour is meant to compliment a great haircut, it may be bold, vibrant or subtle, you may cover unwanted grey hair or blend it into your natural hair colour.

Mobile Hairdresser Sydney Hair Deals It may be dimensional by add more than one colour and provide depth to one’s hair with the right hair colouring technique this will give finer hair a thicker fuller appearance.

One may use foiling, splicing, lowlights, highlights, tinting and semi’s to achieve beautiful hair colour effects.

Foils can be done supper fine or thicker giving different results. A brilliant foiling technique is piggy back foils. This is when both weaves of foils are done with a different colour or several different colours a little more time consuming but really worth it on the right hair style.

Tinting – (permanent hair colour which grows out), used to lift or deposit (lighter or darken up to 4 levels) and cover grey hair. Semi- Permanent – (also known as Colour Bath which tends to fade away) great for clients wanting to change hair colour regularly.

Best Steps to Get Your Desired Hair Colour

To receive the ultimate success with hair colouring, it all starts with a good consultation.

This is where your hairdresser will ask you a series of questions and listen to your answers, so they know the exact hair colour to mix, the application method and processing time, where the colour will be placed, (roots, mid length or ends) this is so that the hairdresser may provide you with your perfect hair colour.

Firstly,a few questions you need to ask yourself?

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Hair Colour Service?

Want a total new hair colour.

Cover grey hair.

Give you a lift and refresh your hair colour.

Fix a hair colour mistake.

Add shine or depth to hair colour.

Want a vibrant hair colour.

What’s Your Long Term Goal with Your Hair Colour?

1. You have black hair colour right now, but you are thinking of going blonde in a month or so.

2. Go a few shades lighter.

3. Go a few shades darker.

4. Have a more natural look.

What Are Your Restrictions with Hair Colour?

What type of work you do for a living?

How noticeable of a look are you comfortable with?

You want people to notice that you have had a colour?

You do not want the hair colour to be obvious?

Have You Coloured Your Hair Before?

I have never had any hair colour in my hair.

I have tinted my hair in the past.

I have had semi-permanent in the past.

I have had scalp bleach in the past.

I have had foils in the past.

Did Your Hair or Scalp Have a Reaction To Hair Colour?

Was your scalp itchy during or after having a hair colour?

Did the hair colour burn your scalp?

Was your scalp dry and flaky after a hair colour?

Your hair became dry after hair colour?

What Condition Is Your Hair In?

My hair is in very good condition, I give my hair a conditioning treatment weekly, monthly, bi monthly or yearly.

My hair is dry and I never give my hair conditioning treatments on it.

My hair is damage from over colouring it, I do not believe in conditioning treatments.

My hair is ok, I think.

How Long Are You Expecting Your Hair Colour To Last?

1. Two weeks.

2. Three weeks.

3. Four weeks.

4. More than six weeks.

Hair Colour Maintenance!

Generally colour needs re-doing every 4 to 6 weeks; some may need it sooner while others may go a few extra weeks.

Permanent hair colour (tint or bleach) will grow out, it will generally last or looks good up until your hair grows, based on your hair style and how and where the colour was applied.

The type of colour will determine the up keep. Solid (tinted or bleached) colours on say a bob will need more attention as you will notice it growing out quicker. Your colour will need regularly up keep if your working environment requires you to look smart and finished at all times.

Your budget will also determine what type of hair colour you have and the up keep. Your hairdresser will advise you on other different affordable hair colour choices.

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