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Hair Services include Haircuts, Hair Colours, Hair Styling & Makeup

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What hair service would you like?.

Good hair services do require a certain amount of time to perform, based on the...

  Desired Style
  Hair Type
  Hair Thickness & Length

see below for time required.

Hair Services, Time Required Per Service

Time Required may vary Based on Hair Length & Thickness,

it also includes consultation and if relating to colour includes;

Selecting Hair Colour/s, Mixing, Applying, Processing and Removing Colour

If the service you want isn’t listed,   or   not sure what you want or need   or   you would like a price, on a service then give, us a   Call   0406 633 006   or   send us an Email

  Hair Advice In Person Consultation
Time Required: 30 to 60 minutes

Free When Having A Service, Fee Based If On It's Own

Great for clients that would like to meet and receive a real face to face consultation about your hair problems, products, hair colour and style.



  Colour Bath   -   Semi-Permanent
Time Required: 60 - 75 minutes

Similar to a semi-permanent colour, although the colour mix is using an assortment of different tints and low volume peroxide to achieve the desired effect. Colour tends to fade away.

Great for clients that like to change they hair colour from season to season with ease.



  Colour Correction   -   Fix Bad Colour
Time Required: 2 hours plus

Based on what needs to be done, may require more than one session over a period of time.

Hair colour correction is about fixing a colour service that has had undesirable results.

To remove brassy, orange, green colour or tones, to fix DIY home colour that ends up totally different from the pack colour.

To fix badly applied hair colour, a build-up of colours that have been applied at home or if you are wanting to change from a dark hair colour to a lighter colour.

Proper Hair Colour Correction is time consuming and may require a large amount of product to fix a bad hair colour.



  Foils   -   Scatted (10 foils)
Time Required: 35 - 45 minutes



  Foils   -   T-Part (15 foils)
Time Required: 45 - 60 minutes



  Foils   -   Half Head (20 foils)
Time Required: 60 - 75 minutes



  Foils   -   3/4 Head (30 foils)
Time Required: 80 - 90 minutes



  Foils   -   Full Head (40 foils)
Time Required: 90 - 120 minutes

Foil services are listed with the number of foils per service.

Extra foils will increase the time and fee.

Foils may be done with tint, bleach or a combination of the two.

Toner is only used if done with bleach only and if required.


  Tinting   -   Roots Only
Time Required: 45 - 60 minutes



  Tinting   -   Retouch & Refresh
Time Required: 60 - 80 minutes



  Tinting   -   Full Colour - Virgin Hair
Time Required: 60 - 90 minutes

Tinting is used to cover grey hair, to create depth in fine hair or to reduce the bulk of thicker hair.

Can give hair a dimensional appearance.



  Haircut   -   Trim
Time Required: 45 minutes plus



 Haircut   -   Restyle (total new look)
Time Required: 1 hours plus



  Haircut With Blow Dry
Time Required: 1 hours plus



  Blow Dry
Time Required: 30 minutes Plus



  Hair and Scalp Treatments
Time Required: 10 - 20 minutes



  Bridal Hair & Makeup
Time Required: 90 - 120 minutes



  Formal Hair Styling
Time Required: 60 - 120 minutes



  GHD Curls
Time Required: 45 - 90 minutes



  Keratin Treatment
Time Required: 90 - 120 minutes



Time Required: 35 - 70 minutes

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