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Personalised Haircutting Service

We Fix Bad Haircuts or Haircut Mistakes

When it comes to hair cutting experience does count.

Good haircuts are important...

  It makes one feel great.
  It gives them an uplifting feeling of confidence.
  It may improve their features.
  It gives them a feel of femininity.
  Can make women look years younger!

Choosing the right haircut that will compliment your lifestyle, face shape and features it is the key foundation to a great hair style.

Mobile Hairdresser Sydney Haircuts For Women

Without it, you just have hair with no style, depth and direction.

Regardless of your age, career and lifestyle, there is a haircut or two for you.

A good haircut needs to be easy to maintain, care and style.

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Haircuts Can Be Short, Long Or In Between

Haircuts can also be asymmetrical, concave or cut straight across and blunt.

Some women like; pixie haircuts or bob haircuts or haircuts with a fringe, while other women like a long layered haircut.

It really doesn't matter as long as it suits you and of course, you are comfortable with it.

Now there is no point in having a long layered bob if all you do is wear it up in a ponytail all day every day. Yes, it is at times nessarsary to pull it up and out of the way, but all day every day, girl! It is meant to be worn down.

Most women will wear the same haircut day in day out never changing or trying something new or different, which is a shame as I guarantee you wouldn't wear the same clothes for that time period.

Your haircuts could be shaggy, spiky, sassy, layered and blunt. But it needs to be practical for you and you alone.

Inquiries, Please, Call   0406 633 006   or   Email Us

John Mobile Hairdresser Sydney

What Haircuts Suit Me

A big part in picking a haircut is how your hair grows; you may natural have a left, right or middle part.

Your hairline (where your skin stops and hair begins) might grow in one direction on one side and a different direction on the other side.

You may have a widow's peak, your ears may be close tight to your head or you may have larger ones which you want to hide.

Hair texture will also play a big part in choosing your haircut is it fine, limp, flat, coarse, thick, curly and straight.

All of the above and more will determine which haircuts you may have.

Choosing your haircuts should be planned and researched through simple things like looking through magazines and looking into a mirror and ask yourself what do I like and will it suit me?

Another thing would be to find a hairdresser that you feel comfortable with one that will give you different ideas and not what do you what today!

A good hairdresser will advise you which haircuts will suit you best.

You will need to form some sort of a bond of trust with your chosen hairdresser.

Regardless what haircuts you end up with you will need to be realistic, haircuts are not going to style them self's and you are not a hairdresser.

So you will need a little education on how to style your new haircut.

Simply ask your hairdresser to give you a few tips and show you how to style it.

It may be an extra half hour appointment and it may be an extra fee, but it is worth it.

See What Mobile Hairdresser Sydney Clients Have To Say ...

Client Images and Testimonials
may or may not correspond to one another.

"John has been cutting my hair for over 9 years and I have never had a better hairdresser. John knows not only what hairstyles suit me and my lifestyle but also what is best for my hair. John never rushes a cut or blow dry and always gives you a fabulous cut and 100% attention to detail."   Ly Johnson

"Excellent haircutter and colourist understands what client's hair can do and is realistic about colour and style."   Jan

"How refreshing a hairdresser who creates hairstyles, not hair clones! A rare happening! How relaxing to sit and enjoy attention as a person, not a head of hair on an assembly line."   Angela Conti

"John gave me an amazing cut and an amazing colour. My hair never looked so live and voluminous but still keeping the length."   Julia Barsukova

"I finally found myself a great hairdresser! I can also now say that I’ve had my first really good haircut in my lifetime! The next hairdresser has a lot to live up to!"   Melissa

"John is a gentleman who understands the design principles behind a practical style cut, demonstrating the knowledge to proportionately create a personalised style to suit you. He definitely showed attention to detail plus commendable sincere after service. I really admire his genuine approach. Thanks so much again John and I truly am beyond grateful for your time, effort and efficient expertise!"   Lisa Sharp

What Now!

I have been creating and providing haircuts to clients for most of my life, it is the foundation of my business and my passion. I would love the opportunity to help you with your next haircut.

I am here to help and provide answers to your questions which are freely given…   Call:  John 0406 633 006

Messages are taken between 9 pm and 8 am.

If no answer when you call, sorry, am either with a client, out of range or driving.

Please leaving your details and best time for us to call you back.

Sending us a text message, if you do not receive a reply within 2 normal business hours, I have not received your text. Sorry, unfortunately this may happen at times due to my location, please do call us.

Alternative, email us, receive a reply within 24 hours or sooner.

What Services Does John Provide?

Services are available for women, men, seniors and groups.

Blow Dry
Colour Correction
Hair Colouring
Haircut Makeover - Restyle

Services Area's

I have no real boundaries as to what Sydney areas I service, as I have clients all over Sydney and further.

It simply comes down to feasibility the cost in time to travel to your location and if my fee is reasonable to you.

Alternatively, call:  0406 633 006 as John may be able to provide you with an alternative hairdresser that may be based closer to you.

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